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How to have a Geek Party

The officially sanctioned Geek Party is like open source code. I'll provide the basics, and you alter it to fit your specific needs and oddities. The most important thing to remember about having an officially sanctioned Geek Party is that it covers a lot of different areas of geekiness. A "Star Wars Geek Party," for example, is different than just watching Star Wars at a Geek Party.

Here are some guidelines for you. Anything with ** in front of it is required.

  1. Invite people in a geeky manner, such as:
    • asking in person while you are dressed as a charcter
    • sending an email with instructions in BASIC
    • sending an email with lots of geeky photos
    • extending the invitation in Latin, Elvish, or Klingon
  2. ** Inform invitees that if they do not score at least Geekish Tendencies, then they will not be allowed to stay at the party
  3. ** Require guests to wear their geekiest outfit or costume
  4. ** Have a prize for the Geekiest Dressed
  5. Hang instructions outside the door, informing guests to come in or knock first, written in...
    • BASIC
    • 1337 5p34k
    • a programming language
    • Latin, Elvish, or Klingon
  6. ** Require guests to take the Geek Test, if they have not already
  7. ** Require guests to wear a nametag with their code name and Geek Rank. Other options include:
    • Geek Test Score (if they took the test before they came, but can't remember their score, make then take it again)
    • their real name
    • their favorite website
  8. ** If anyone arrives early or exactly on time to the party, add a 2% bonus to their Geek Score for the duration of the party
  9. ** The host of the party receives a π% bonus added to their Geek Score for the duration of the party
  10. ** Record everyone's Geek Score and post them for everyone to see
  11. Do a statistical analysis of the scores
  12. ** Give a geeky prize to the highest scoring individual.
  13. ** Have geeky music available to play, like Devo, Weird Al Yankovic, Weezer, and Dr. Demento
  14. Have a slew of board games available to play
  15. ** Have at least one Rubik's Cube available to play with
  16. Have video games to play, preferably on older consoles or of a geeky nature (no football)
  17. Have lots of Mountain Dew and "Nerds" candy available for snacking (not necessarily together)
  18. Have a Nerds eating contest
  19. Have geeky movies or TV shows available to watch (anything listed on the Geek Test qualifies)
  20. Have a geek gift exchange in the style of a White Elephant party

These are just some of the ideas. More might show up at a later date. Here is an example of the invitation I sent for the second Geek Party:

Geek Party invitation

Click for a larger .pdf version)