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innergeek and the geek test in the digital news

Fall 2005

Powells.com interview with Mark Svenvold asks if he's taken the Geek Test. The answer is no. Too bad for him!


Now for the amusing. There is an article on webmonkey.com called Rules for Programmers that criticizes my little "lime-on-black world." Clearly, the author doesn't get the joke. She instead assumes that my site looks like this because I am a programmer and lack creativity; that there's no hope for "us people" in the web design world. What she doesn't know is that, though a little rough around the edges, I utilize Cascading Style Sheets and have simply chosen the "programming look" as my design. Ms. Pollock, don't you know what happens when you ASSUME? I should say thank you, though, for including the hyperlink to my site!


The Straight Dope listed www.innergeek.us on their front page as a "Weird Earl."

Also featured on the Harrogate, United Kindom, 97.2 Stray FM radio station as their daily website review.


Site of the Day, someonewhocares.org/siteoftheday


Link to the Geek Test placed under the definition for "Geek" in Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. (Thanks, Isomorphic!)


Link of the Day, userfriendly.org

"From PseudoNIHM, a geek from the Great White North (at least for now, right?), we have a Geek Test. Yeah, there's a lot of these, but this one seems pretty comprehensive. Just so you'll know, I doubt even Naruki could score 100% (there are gender-related questions), so I won't believe it if you do! FYI, you can't submit your scores, that feature is down right now. - Adiplomat, a 52-and-change% geek. (I don't like comics or wearing pointy ears, what can I say?)"


Listed on USA Today's Web Guide to Hot Sites

[insert picture of young male geek]

"Have you ever dated a geek? Did you really push the envelope and marry one? What does that make you? Find out if you're a geek too with The Geek Test. Be honest about your penchant for programming calculators and watching Buffy, then hold your pocket protector and tally the results. Just a minute here, I thought the Monty Python movies were cool."

Also mentioned on salon.com that day. The blurb has since been lost in the sea of internet.

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